Private and public law

Dispute resolution,
representation in
court, and arbitration

ginčų sprendimas, atstovavimas teisme ir arbitraže

Dispute resolution and
representation in Court are the
most significant proofs of our
professional leadership

The accumulated long-term experience in providing a wide range of legal services allows Marger experts to ensure the clients’ interests professionally and comprehensively. When representing clients in court, arbitration, and other institutions and offices in Lithuania or abroad, we rely on our values – responsibility, quality, professionalism, and performance.

  • How we can help you:
  • We see opportunities in challenges.

    We see opportunities even in the most complex processes, and a targeted strategy helps us turn them into effective solutions.

    We offer strategies based on experience, not success.

    An experienced team of professionals will help you choose the optimal strategy and implement it, effectively achieving the desired result.

    We pay comprehensive attention to your interests.

    Our team takes care of clients’ interests, disputes, and legal processes in a responsible, professional, and attentive manner, reducing worries for clients and enabling them to focus on their main activities.

    We find sustainable business solutions.

    Marger team makes sure that any decisions are legally correct and liquid and will not incite disputes or risks in the future.

Marger team