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Our goal is the proper
implementation of
insurance coverage
for the client

Long-term legal experience demonstrates that insurance-related disputes occur constantly. The most common legal issues include the amount of damage, division of responsibility and the interpretation, application, and validity of contract terms. To maximally protect the client’s interests, Marger’s insurance law experts perform a detailed legal assessment, provide legal advice, prepare the necessary documents, and, if necessary, represent the client’s interests in negotiations and disputes.

  • How we can help you:
  • We help manage risks and ensure proper implementation of insurance coverage.

    For insurance to be fully functional and serve its main purpose – protection against possible risks or reduction of possible negative consequences as much as possible – it is necessary to conclude appropriate, high-quality contracts that mirror the client’s activities, interests, and needs; prepare the necessary documents; record and collect data. Our insurance law professionals are committed to providing clients with the proper existence of such premises and the protection of the rights and interests of the client in legal matters related to insurance.

    We offer sustainable business solutions.

    Our team also represents insurance companies operating or preparing to start operations in Lithuania, including acquisitions and mergers of companies, the establishment of new branches, and the acquisition of shares. We carry out legal audits of companies and help insurance companies with all legal regulations and regulatory issues.

    We are experienced specialists in insurance-related disputes.

    Over many years of professional activity, Marger’s insurance law experts have accumulated multi-faceted experience, knowledge, and competence in legal insurance-related disputes. We ensure high-quality, professional, and success-oriented client representation and the provision of other legal services at any stage of the dispute.

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