Public Law


Baudžiamoji teisė, administracinių nusižengimų teisė, administracinė teisė

The foundation of our leadership
in criminal law is in the constant
pursuit of successful protection of
the interests of our clients

Marger’s lawyers have accumulated many years of experience representing clients’ interests and defending their rights in criminal proceedings and administrative offenses. Our goal is a final decision in the process that is fair, reasonable, and ensures the client’s rights and interests. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal assistance: from consultations, advice, and preparation of all necessary documents to representation and defense during the process.

  • How we can help you:
  • We have the experience and determination to win.

    We have accumulated exceptional experience and professional competencies in defending and representing clients in various criminal and administrative offenses proceedings. We always strive to protect the client’s rights and interests, as well as to ensure that the procedural decisions are fair and well-reasoned.

    We take care of the whole process with meticulous attention while representing and defending the client.

    The professional attention and legal assistance of Marger experts accompany the client throughout the process. We provide legal advice, prepare legal opinions, collect the necessary data, as well as all other comprehensive legal assistance, and represent and defend the client in court.

    We advise on risk reduction and prevention matters.

    We provide counsel not only on impending or possible liability but also on good practices and their implementation, risk reduction, and application of preventative measures.

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