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Marger wise allies in Civil Service Law

Marger’s team of experienced lawyers is ready to help you not only in resolving disputes related to the start or end of civil service legal relations but also in finding answers to questions that arise during service. We have accumulated our experience by consulting both public administration institutions and their employees, so we can see and evaluate each situation from different points of view.

  • How we can help you:
  • We represent clients in handling civil service disputes in courts and other institutions.

    We have accumulated solid experience in resolving official disputes arising from admission to civil service, application of official penalties, application of social and other guarantees, and dismissal from civil service.

    We advise clients on the implementation and execution of decisions related to their activities.

    We advise state and municipal institutions as well as other bodies on the implementation of reorganization decisions, the transfer, dismissal, evaluation of civil servants and employees, and the application of social security measures.

    We share our experiences and insights publicly.

    Clients appreciate us not only for our professionalism but also for being proactive, which obliges us to be seen and heard.

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