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Our expertise in intellectual
property law protects your
assets and reputation

Working with various companies operating in Lithuania and other countries, we constantly resolve legal issues linked to intellectual property. We understand that a company’s intellectual resources are the foundation of a successful business, so our main goal is to help clients avoid intellectual property disputes, and in the event of suspected infringement of image or work copyright, fraudulent trademark registration, or other similar illegal acts, to disclose them and protect clients, their business and copyright.

  • What can we help you with:
  • We believe that prevention is the best way to a secure future for our customers.

    The long-term experience of Marger’s lawyers allows us to provide effective legal assistance to clients ensuring the prevention of various possible disputes, legal risks, or dangers related to intellectual property rights.

    We are a sturdy pillar of support in protecting clients’ assets.

    In the event of disputes arising from violations of intellectual property rights or copyright, illegal use, or other unauthorized actions, we represent clients in courts and other institutions or bodies. We strive to ensure a fair and judicious decision, compensating for the damage suffered and properly defending the client’s interests.

    We understand the challenges our clients face while operating in an increasingly digitized environment.

    Due to the constant development of information technology, our team of intellectual property lawyers pays special attention to contracts and documents: any technical changes occurring in the software or other IT solutions must not only comply with current legislation but also be reflected in contracts or their annexes. Based on our accumulated experience, we help our clients ensure that the concluded contracts comply with both – legal and technical requirements.

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