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Marger – a reliable partner
in public procurements

Having worked with representatives of the private and public sectors for more than two decades, our team has gained significant experience in public procurement law. We represent clients at all stages: from the preparation of public procurement documents to signing the contract. We have extensive experience in handling public procurement disputes as well.

  • How we can help you:
  • We prioritize the financial interests and time of our clients.

    Any disputes that arise between the public and private sectors are usually very unprofitable for both parties, so contacting experienced and professional lawyers who can help resolve all legal issues promptly and efficiently is astute and beneficial.

    We are reliable partners at every stage of the process.

    We are well versed in this area from both private and public sector perspectives, so we are ready to advise, consult, prepare the necessary documents, and, if needed, represent our clients in disputes.

    We analyze legal risks and prospects at all stages of the public procurement process.

    The determination and evaluation of legal risks and possibilities in the public procurement process are imperative to ensure successful, cost-effective, and efficient protection of the interests of our clients as well as the implementation of their goals. Marger’s team of public procurement law experts provide these services at all stages of public procurement processes.

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