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The integrated knowledge of our
environmental law experts is a
solid foundation for achieving
sustainable solutions for your

Considering the impact most activities have on the environment, taking care of compliance with the requirements of legal acts and the company’s image is immensely important for developing a sustainable and successful business. Marger’s environmental law experts carefully follow the latest developments in this field to professionally and efficiently assist clients seeking to avoid risks related to environmental law claims or resolve existing legal issues.

After thoroughly analyzing the situation, we can offer the client a personalized solution, prepare the necessary documents or provide valuable legal advice, as well as represent them in courts and other institutions.

  • How we can help you:
  • We create sustainable partnerships.

    Our clientele includes waste management companies, factories, and power plants. We collaborate with organizations that implement infrastructure projects as well. Marger’s legal team regularly consults industrial companies regarding obtaining pollution and other permits, determining the impact on the environment, cleaning up contaminated areas, and legal liability in the event of damage to the environment.

    We take a comprehensive approach to the client’s needs.

    Environmental protection law is closely related to other areas of law like construction, public procurement, and finance. For this reason, we constantly work closely with experts in these fields so that we can always offer our clients the best solution that will ensure the highest complaisance with their interests.

    We strive to create smooth and effective legal processes in our clients’ activities.

    Whether you are building a family home, developing a commercial real estate project, have questions about environmental pollution taxes, or want to obtain an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control permit, our legal team is ready to help you ensure proper environmental compliance, manage possible risks and disputes, avoid expensive, time-consuming, or other resource-intensive processes.

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