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Marger’s EU legal team provides
robust support in defending clients’
interests in international
institutions and courts

The supremacy of European Union (EU) law over the national law of the Republic of Lithuania means that the activities carried out must meet all European Union requirements. For this, selecting suitable legal partners who are well versed in issues related to both the company’s activities and the EU regulation, as well as able to ensure high-quality and professional representation of the client’s interests in the courts, institutions, or bodies of the European Union, is particularly important.

Companies operating in European Union countries, especially those receiving state aid, usually directly encounter various EU institutions. Most often, it is the European Commission carrying out official and unofficial investigations to ensure that the funds have been allocated legally and are being used properly.

Companies under investigation have the right to be represented by a professional who would ensure that all the company’s rights are exercised, that the investigation is conducted in a fair and reasonable manner and that the client’s interests are properly represented. Marger’s team of EU legal experts is ready to provide high-quality professional legal services in this field.

  • How we can help you:
  • We use integrated knowledge of different areas of law.

    Our legal team consists of experts in EU law, competition, dispute resolution, and other areas of law, allowing us to provide clients with all the necessary legal services.

    We know our customers’ areas of work and find personalized solutions.

    We can provide comprehensive legal advice and other legal assistance to clients operating in finance, energy, pharmaceutical, transport, customs, telecommunications, or other fields.

    We are experienced partners in defending clients’ interests in the courts of the EU.

    Our EU law professionals successfully represent clients in European Union courts. We help clients to protect their legitimate interests, from the examination of disputes in national courts to the representation in the courts of the European Union.

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