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The harmony of your interests
and comfort is our primary goal in
every family law process

Marger’s family law experts have extensive experience in handling the most complex family law matters. We understand that family law issues are subtle and often require appropriate consideration, so we always delve into the client’s expectations and interests in detail and help find the most suitable solution in the most difficult situations.

  • What can we help you with:
  • We take care of the client’s legal comfort and discretion.

    In-depth knowledge of family law allows Marger’s experts to deal with particularly sensitive issues promptly, efficiently, and with confidentiality. We provide clients with detailed consultations offering an optimal and effective solution to the situation. We also represent clients in court, mediation, or negotiations, aiming to meet their expectations as accurately as possible and ensuring the protection of their rights and interests.

    We help to reach a mutually beneficial result.

    When facing mandatory judicial mediation, we provide support to clients throughout the process. Mediation helps to create a less binding environment and, with the help of a professional, impartial person – a mediator – allows you to assess the situation calmly and neutrally while seeking a peaceful, mutually beneficial solution and avoiding complex legal proceedings.

    We are experts in all areas regulated by family law.

    In case of questions or disputes regarding divorce, maintenance of children and determining or changing their place of residence, division of property, marriage contracts, inheritance, wills, proof of kinship, inheritance planning, or any other circumstances regulated by family and inheritance law, Marger legal experts will always provide clients with professional and high-quality legal assistance.

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