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Marger’s construction law experts
apply their knowledge to help you
build a solid business foundation

Over more than two decades of consulting and representing businesses and private individuals on relevant property development, purchase, sale, and rental-related matters, we have gained ample and versatile experience. So, our clients can be ensured to receive the highest quality services, provided efficiently and professionally, helping them solve all legal issues related to this area.

  • What can we help you with:
  • We offer a wide range of services.

    We are proud to provide our clients with a full scope of services: from the evaluation of an idea to its legal realization. We prepare the necessary documents, advise on all legal issues in this area and represent our clients at every level in all institutions.

    We find the most strategically favorable and individualized solutions.

    We individually evaluate each situation from the legal point of view, relying on accumulated knowledge, experience, and competence. After accounting for market dynamics and changes in legislation, including careful consideration of possible risks, we offer the most optimal solutions best suited for a specific client.

    We put our many years of experience in the construction sector to use.

    Having strong partnerships with major players in the construction sector, we understand that reliable solutions based on knowledge and experience are of particular importance in this sector. Therefore, when advising clients, we rely not only on professional expertise but also assess market dynamics and appraise all risks.

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