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migracijos teisė

Marger team’s extensive knowledge
of migration law – for skillful
solutions to integration-related
processes and issues

Migration law is a broad branch of law, the relevance and need of which are constantly growing, and gaining more and more importance both in Lithuania and in foreign countries.

With extensive experience, Marger’s experts help clients find the most suitable solutions in all areas regulated by migration law: the issuance of visas and permits to natural persons, and legal issues of employment of EU or other foreign citizens, to name just a few.

  • How we can help you:
  • We use multifaceted expertise.

    Our team of lawyers consists of experts in various fields – labor, family, tax, corporate and other branches of law – so we are ready to answer all questions of our clients in detail and help find a legal solution even in the most complicated situation.

    We take care of the client’s needs comprehensively.

    Migration law services include consultations on visas, residence permits, citizenship acquisition and recovery for citizens of the European Union and other foreign countries. We help companies with legal matters related to the employment of foreign workers in Lithuania.

    We are professional partners for starting a business in Lithuania.

    We consult citizens of foreign countries when establishing or buying a business in Lithuania, providing all necessary services in this process and business development stage. For our clients who are just establishing an enterprise in Lithuania, we aim to ensure a smooth and efficient start of a new business, create a sustainable legal basis for further activities and advise on the best business management strategies.

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