Offering valuable labor
law solutions that mirror
your expectations best

The experience gained by Marger’s lawyers during many years of working and cooperating with various Lithuanian and international companies and institutions allows us to solve all legal issues and problems arising in labor law quickly and efficiently: from daily consultations, risk management or preparation of the necessary documents, to customer representation in courts or other institutions. We are ready to provide our clients with all the necessary legal assistance. We share our experience with our clients to help them achieve the best possible results while creating and fostering close long-term cooperation at the same time.

  • How we can help you:
  • We provide a wide range of legal counseling.

    We advise clients on all matters related to labor law.

    We represent clients in all institutions.

    We represent and defend clients’ interests in negotiations, pre-trial disputes, and courts. Also at the Labor Disputes Commission, the State Labor Inspectorate, or other institutions.

    We prepare drafts of the employer’s local legal acts and advise on the conclusion and change of collective agreements.

    After assessing the nature of the client’s activities, we prepare the drafts of local legal acts necessary for his activities and provide consultations on the conclusion, execution, or change of collective agreements.

    Every customer’s success is our highest priority.

    We provide professional legal advice to employers and institutions, as well as employees, officials, or other civil servants. We are with our clients every step of the way helping to reflect their expectations and interests in employment or civil service legal relations as clearly as possible.

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