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Telecommunications, information technology, and connections are integral parts of modern business. Legal consultations on these issues are relevant for everyone, including companies that use these services to improve operational efficiency, online businesses, or companies that create and develop technologies. Specialists of the Marger team have been specializing in telecommunications and IT law for more than two decades, making them excellent legal counsels to clients who need high-quality professional legal assistance.

  • How we can help you:
  • We offer legal strategies that increase business efficiency.

    We consult on various legal matters, advise on concluding contracts, and represent clients in negotiations, various institutions, as well as courts. We pay great attention not only to the legal evaluation of proposals and solutions but also to their effectiveness in business. We ensure that the solutions offered, and decisions made would be implemented and would contribute to successful and sustainable business development.

    We ensure in-depth knowledge and a wide range of services.

    In the field of software, we help clients with agreements on software development, distribution, service, purchase, and licensing. Our team can provide aid in intellectual property protection and trademark registration. We administer various information technology, service, and equipment purchase transactions and assist in concluding contracts. Also, we provide clients with consultations on all legal issues related to e-commerce.

    We foster long-term cooperation.

    We deeply value the trust of our customers. Therefore, we are constantly interested in the status quo and news of the telecommunications market and strive to create a long-term partnership that allows us to offer personalized solutions to our customers that would be legally sound and ensure sustainable business development.

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